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MrMili, Jun 14, 12 2:59 AM.
1. Archer start in sneak. do NOT snipe the vine, if its not stun or frozen or if the monk is praying.

2. Monk pray before the 1th vine is about to die.

3. After the 1th vine dies, DPS the 2th vine until the pray ends, then either thunder or freeze the 3th, return and finish off the 2th.

4. then all 3 vines are dead, the mage and ranger relog, monk and tank get in place, tank infront and monk behind, as soon as the boss YELLS out, the monk pray.

5. When dps log back in, they go stand behind the boss, monk stand a bit behind the aoe clones.

6. monk pray everytime it finish CD, (6/6 monk), dont let mana go lower than 50%

7. the vines come back at 75% and 50% and 25% health of boss, when tank will need to stance and dps must freeze or thunder it very fast, then kill it of asap, at this stage pots are needed.

8.after the vine dies the monk must pray asap, why the boss will aoe and clones will appear, damage will be (vine poison + aoe + clones )

9. this will repeat it self at 50% and 25%

10. If you still alive: gz

official fan page of O&C!

pinoy.IT, May 31, 12 9:38 AM.


pinoy.IT, May 31, 12 8:08 AM.

Here are some of the details of the things that this Update will bring to the game!

- Mistery Gifts for all the players have been added at the release of the Update!
- Lottery Mini-Game added in the store, you can play once per day for free, after that you'll be able to play for runes or gold.
- New quests and daily quests have been added.
- Talent trees have been adjusted, at the release of the Update the talent trees will be reset. Note that the skills we're reworked and balanced.
- Order and Chaos will now suppoert 3G networks.
- You can now expand your bag via runes aswell.
-Some bug fixes and aspect modifications to the Option page.
-Polished display for iPad 3.

*credit goes to SAMSOE.. copied it lol ^^

We won

MrMili, May 30, 12 2:22 PM.
AtypicalFriends has surrender without any terms, we kicked their butt to the breaking point, they cant take any more

war at prince

pinoy.IT, May 30, 12 1:03 AM.
guys beware with typical friend guild at prince.. war has been started... ^^
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